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World Cup 2018 Soccer: Japan – Senegal

Date: 2018-06-24
Day: Sunday
Home Team: Japan Japan
Away Team: Senegal Senegal
Pick: Away 0.0
Units: 5
Odds: -125
W/L/P: Push
Invested: 625
Return: 625
Profit: 0

Ekaterinburg Arena will host the first 2nd round Group H match. Today we will round the half of all World Cup games (32 out of total 64) and this will be the first of two in that group.

I'm always saddened once we pass the half way in the World Cup or Euro tournaments in soccer. We are awaiting those events 4 years each and it is kinda saddening to feel the end coming. Like  a Super Bowl. On one hand you are happy there is a Super Bowl game, but, at the same time you know you will have lay in weeds for 7 months or so till you will see the another worthy of watching Football game.

Well, Japan and Senegal were both "supposed" to lose their first games against higher ranked Colombia and Poland. But, the opposite has happened and both won by a similar 2-1 score. Both, somehow were not really supposed to win in a regularly and sportively played games but both succeeded to do it and now go head to head against each other.

This is the stat recap of the Japanese game:

And this one of Senegals'

So, the draw, even if it looks attractive for both now - can be lethal at the completion of all the games in the group because if Poland and Colombia draw today and then each beat Japan and Senegal respectively by more than a goal difference - both early favorites to qualify - will qualify. Therefore, the teams today will go for a win to guarantee themselves a great chance to advance.

I will take a comfortable Senegal 0.0 line for -125 price.

Senegal 0.0 -125   5 units

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