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World Cup 2018 Soccer: Argentina – Croatia First Half

Date: 2018-06-21
Day: Thursday
Home Team: Argentina Argentina
Away Team: Croatia Croatia
Pick: Half Time (First Half) Draw
Units: 5
Odds: 100
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1000
Profit: 500

We opened the day on the right foot winning our first half pick on Denmark - Australia game. Overall, we are 3-1 this World Cup. We lost the initial pick which was a parlay and since then we are rolling. This is a 5 unit pick on Group D game between Argentina and Croatia.

The situation in the group is as follows:

Argentina played Iceland in its first game and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The Croatians did not have it easy either - they played tough Nigerians and used the Nigerians naivety to win 2-0.

The Croatians also showed some team unity and character by sending Nicola Kalinic home after Milan striker decided to go on Italian Strike refusing to enter the game against Nigeria as a substitute on 85th minute. Dalic, the Croatian coach, send him home. And, rightfully so. There can only be one boss in the team.

Argentina, on contrary, is run by the players who decide what to do and all following Messi's guidance which will harm the Argentines in a long run.

Argentina also is succumbing to outside influences too often after succumbing to terror threats and cancelling a preparation friendly in Israel and the visit to Vatican to get the blessings from the Roman Pope, Messi succumbed to tremendous pressure and expectations from him and unlike Ronaldo -  he under performed in a shameful manner in an opening match. We all saw it.

Will this game will be any different for hard working Croatians and prima dona Argentines? Yes. This game will be very carefully played in the first half and will go bunkers in the second. What direction? I don't know. I only know what I know and that is enough to make this bet to win.

Those are the prematch details:

What I want you to pay an attention to is the difference between the first half lines and the full time lines:

The first half odds are as follows:

And the full time odds as this:

See the difference?

Half Time (First Half)  Draw +100   5 units


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  1. Avatar bitcoingangster says:

    Pay me!!!

  2. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    I was gonna comment and then I saw this goal by Rebic. This is the year of the goalies LOL!

    MK. You’re on a roll! But, then, you’re always on a roll!

    Today is full of movie quotes!

  3. Avatar MK says:

    Yeah. That goal was ridiculous from the Argentine perspective and ingenious from the Croatian. For the neutral fan it was spectacular

  4. Avatar Kuvalda says:

    Great day MK. Thank you

  5. Pushkin Pushkin says:

    You need a bus to carry your balz MK. Draw at the half time. Twice in one day. Both hits. No losses. I followed only with half the units you instructed as my balls must be half the size of yours.

    And now Modric! Down with the pretenders. Free world cup from pretenders. Send Messi and his fake Argentina home!

    • Avatar bozi says:

      Get off MK’s balz will ya? What’s wrong with you. We need those balz. They are public property LOL

  6. Avatar Ali Aliev says:

    This was amazing game. Amazing picks today. Two such 33% picks to hot both 100%. Wow. Thanks

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