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WNCAAB Monday: Stanford – Duke

Date: 2012-03-26
Day: Monday
Home Team: Stanford Stanford
Away Team: Duke Duke
Pick: Over 136.5
Units: 1
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 110
Return: 210
Profit: 100

Those teams, while advancing to be the last 8 teams and battling for a spot in a Final Four produced in their last 3 games  average of 65 attacks on the opposition basket scoring - Duke: 74, 96 and 82 points, Stanford 76, 73, 72 points. True, they defend well but against each other they are able easily to produce 70 points each. Stanford has been few times during the season limited to much lower amount - but in that case against Arizona State - the game was slowed down on purpose by the opposition to prevent Stanford from running up the score.

Over 136.5  -110

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  1. Avatar slanted and enchanted says:

    This night is amazing. Love these crazy late covers. MK, I know we say it all the time, but THANK YOU for bringing the heat every day. It is much appreciated.

  2. Avatar Patrick Trump says:

    I hope everyone else enjoyed watching this game as much as me! Thanks MK!

  3. Avatar MK says:

    Thanks slanted. Yeah, here too when there were 3 minutes left with 66-53 (18 to score to cover), I said to myself – should not have relied on women scoring too much and then Boom – 17 points margin and still fouling. They scored 31 (!!!) points in 3 minutes. That's your Ladies.  🙂

  4. Avatar MK says:

    Thanks Patrick – what a spirit those Ladies have not giving up 'till the last second. They sure cried less than all those attention freaks in NCAAB after each loss.  🙂

  5. Avatar slanted and enchanted says:

    I agree. Gotta give Duke and their coach credit for not folding it in late. They played hard until the end even though they didn’t have much of a chance. Big time integrity displayed there. Not just saying that because it benefitted our figure. I wish all teams played with that kind of heart every night.

  6. Avatar rockie bond says:

    I closed my laptop when the score was 66-53 and marked this on a loss, but when I came back I found out that this one became a fouling festival and turned out to be a huge come back win for us, time to pay back for those half point losses. Way to go MK, BOL~

  7. Avatar MK says:

    No doubt, slanted, if all the sports teams played with the heart and integrity as those Ladies – our hit rate would be much higher  🙂

    rockie – agree, time it is  🙂

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