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WNCAAB Final Four: Baylor – Stanford

Date: 2012-04-01
Day: Sunday
Home Team: Baylor Baylor
Away Team: Stanford Stanford
Pick: Home -6.5
Units: 1
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 110
Return: 210
Profit: 100

The Lady Bears and Brittney Griner are the team on the mission. That lady plays basketball like a men and already owes one from the last year.  They can definitely do it this season and after looking all day at the stats and info coming about this game - I did not find anything to convince me otherwise, not Ogwumike sisters and nor any other factor. The Lady Bears are a monstrous team that runs it's opponents down during the whole game.

Baylor -6.5  -110

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  1. Avatar Ganda says:

    Good luck on your first play of a fresh month!

  2. Avatar tigowoods says:

    agree.  thanks mk

  3. Avatar BN727 says:

    Already on it MK. Totals are usually not my friend. LOL  Took PORT also.

  4. Avatar MK says:

    BOL friends

  5. Avatar johnny rocket says:

    thanks for the suns/nwo u !st h pick.

  6. Avatar Kenny Kwan says:

    3 plays, 2-1 day, plus money, I'll take that result each and everyday.  MK, back to basics 🙂

  7. Avatar slanted and enchanted says:

    Interesting game to watch. Sort of reminded me of those classic duke vs unlv matchup from the 90s. One team flat out aggressive type streetballers with zero outside shot vs. a team that plays sound fundamentals and with heart of a lion. Clash of girls too. See the introductions? Every Stanford girl was top notch refined whereas the Baylor girls were rough around the edges. Guess at the end of the day bayor was able to overcome their coach’s dreadful outfit and get it done. I couldn’t take much more of her foot stompin shenanigans.

  8. Avatar MK says:

    Quioting slanted: "Guess at the end of the day Baylor was able to overcome their coach's dreadful outfit and get it done"  🙂   🙂    🙂

  9. Avatar MK says:

    Kenny  🙂    Just don't think it is easy to hold off playing everything that moves bro. But as you said – back to basics  🙂

  10. Avatar Coffee Shop says:

    Nice pick and great beginning of the month MK. Easy does it man

  11. Avatar mahmoud idris says:

    Thanks MK. Great pick. I also like those girlies playing basketball. They have more soul than the corrupted NBA players for sure. GL 

  12. Avatar rockie bond says:

    Haha, the corrupted NBA players, good one, good start of April with a winning day MK, BOL~

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