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US Presidential Elections: Outright Winner

Home Team: Democrat Party Candidate (Clinton)
Away Team: Republican Party Candidate (Trump)
Pick:Away Win

This is a bet on the outright winner of the United States 2016 Presidential Elections.

I know that my bet is far from what you may feel comfortable betting with, but, let me remind you that we are here for the purpose of generating profits on correctly predicting outcomes of certain events - usually sporting events, but, this is a Major event - the US Presidential elections, therefore we will also take part in it by betting on which Party is going to win the elections outright and put either Hillary or Donald into the White House.

I wouldn't take this bet if I had to bet the favorite because the odds are very unattractive -but, since from the first moment I saw the odds  - I was convinced who the winner will be and it is not the favorite.

My bet is Republican Party led by Donald Trump winning these elections outright. Here are the reasons why:

  1. When it comes down to Money Time - most Americans believe - and rightfully so - that the Commander of the most fearsome Military Force on the planet should somehow resemble Rambo or Chuck Norris. Well, Hillary doesn't resemble none. Donald - who studied in a Military Academy - is a more comfortable figure to vote for most of White Caucasian Americans which this time will be forced out of the comfort of their homes to "save America" from so called liberals who on top of bringing African American President into the White House - now also want a woman president and from the point of view of most of the white Americans - that is a big No No. And let us not forget - most of the voters are White Caucasians.
  2. Those who do not automatically vote Republicans - will also join the f0rces with Trump voters not because they like Trump - but to protest against the Politically Correct approach which instead of freedom of speech has turned America into - IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT - JUST SHUT UP. All those - like some of the guys I know - won't shut up when they will be voting. They will be voting against all those who think their shit don't stink (Excuse my French), all those who are telling them that supporting Trump and not supporting Hillary is wrong and they better be ashamed of themselves. I served America on several occasions and I know how my fellow Americans hate when someone is sticking fingers into their faces.
  3. The Democrats are so hyped up with Media that they forget a very simple fact that Media is representing liberals and USA is a conservative mostly. America is not only California and New York. The Democrats will regret getting support from likes of Madonna who promised on the stage an Oral Sex to each person who will vote Clinton. I ask myself - how insulted I should feel as an American that someone thinks that what will make me to decide who to vote for is Madonna's promise? Or some actors from Hollywood forgetting that they are nothing but actors - and now are telling Americans who to vote for. I know that the Rednecks and White Trash for sure hates being told by the actors who to vote for. And immigrants and African Americans alone are not enough to bring enough electorates to the Democrats (you need 270 Electorates to win).

Repubican (Trump) to Win Outright:  +400    5 Units

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  1. Avatar MadisonAvenueDuke says:

    That’s the top of the highest mountain in the world. Everest! You just climbed to prognosis Everest my dear MK. There is no way up from there. That is the pick!!!

  2. Avatar Loutishnutty says:

    How did you do that? very impressive!

  3. Avatar shamMajesticdamn@gmail.com says:

    Good work!

  4. Avatar Agnes Tomaszewski says:

    Wow man. That shit was impressive. I personally didn’t have the guts to go with your pick here – but, I promise to never doubt you again

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