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UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid – Liverpool

Date: 2018-05-26
Day: Saturday
Home Team: Real Madrid Real Madrid
Away Team: Liverpool Liverpool
Pick: Away to Lift the Trophy
Units: 10
Odds: 125
W/L/P: Loss
Invested: 1000
Return: 0
Profit: -1000

This is it. This is the final we all were waiting for. I'm in Kyiv and the atmosphere here is amazing with Liverpool fans making it so much more fun. Real Madrid has lots of fans here too, but, they are not walking in the streets and singing and making their presence felt as the "Red Army" does dominate Kyiv today. Why "red army"? Did you know how Liverpool parent organization is called?  You guessed it right - Fenway!!! Reds, Red Sox... Reminds of Warreen Beaty and Reds. Well, here we are with another 10 unit play.

Sadio Mane, Salah, Firmino will dominate the pitch today and Liverpool is going to lift the trophy. I know. Ronaldo. I know, Marcello. But, I also know that neither Zidane likes to stay in Real and nor UEFA likes Real to lift the trophy for the third time in a row and for the fourth time in 5 years.

Liverpool To Lift the Trophy  +125  10 units

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  1. Avatar MK says:

    Well, no one can handicap Salah injury and Luverpool’s goalkeepers mischiefs. Very disappointed

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