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Super Bowl LV: TB Bucs – KC Chiefs Pick 1

Date: 2021-02-07
Day: Sunday
Home Team: TB Bucs TB Bucs
Away Team: KC Chiefs KC Chiefs
Pick: Home ML First Quarter
Units: 5
Odds: 115
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1075
Profit: 575

I know that the trends are all against the so called "Brady team" in the first quarter. But, this is not your regular Pats teams that could walk over any opponent and were allowing to start the games slowly. Brady is not getting any younger either. Therefore, the Bucs will start the game strong and will pay "special" attention to Mahomes limiting his moves and thus limiting to passing only as much as they can. And, they can. So, the combo of those two: Brady blossoming contrary to his "no scoring" in the first quarters with the Pats in 9 Super Bowls (only 3 points scored against the Eagles 3 years ago), this time he will be very active from the beginning, and, the Chiefs usual opening slowly and not straining Mahomes too much - the result cam only be one:

Bucs ML First Quarter  +115  

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