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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 5: VGS Golden Knights – WASH Capitals

Date: 2018-06-07
Day: Thursday
Home Team: VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
Away Team: WASH Capitals WASH Capitals
Pick: Away ML
Units: 5
Odds: 147
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1235
Profit: 735

Yeah. I know. We won again last night and are now sporting a 15-1 record facilitating an 8-0 run. Well. Nice. Very nice. And ow let's forget that and focus on winning tonight. This is a pick on game 5 between the Misfits and the Caps played at T-Mobile in Vegas.

You think the Golden Misfits  - as they refer to themselves with a laughter and  a healthy amount of irony - can turn it around? If you do - do not take this bet 🙂

The Caps are simply better. Way better.

WASH Capitals ML  +147   5 units

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  1. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    Yes Yes Yes! You… Maan… Wow!

  2. Avatar dart says:

    Great minds think alike.
    It is not only the money MK. It is the satisfactions of knowing what is going to happen no matter what.
    Thanks for all this!

  3. Avatar MK says:

    Sincere Congratulations to Washington Capitals and Aleksei Ovechkin and Co for the first Stanley Cup Title. Y O U G U Y S
    D E S E R V E
    I T !!! Thanks you for the show, the joy and the M O N E Y ! ! !

  4. Avatar Kuvalda says:

    Pazdravliaem Ovechkina I Kuznetzova!
    Great job Capitals. Even greater job MK. This run is unbelievable!

  5. Avatar Bobby78 says:

    I was kinda worried by a nonchalant play of the Caps in the second period. But, I felt in the third they would come out strong and tie and then finish the fake Vegas team.
    Shame the season is over. Soon NBA will be over too and we will be most probably left with MLB and the World Cup in Soccer.
    I remember you’re great in those two 🙂
    MK, thanks a million brah! You da man!

  6. Avatar King Scorpio says:

    Those playoffs and especially the finals were very easy to make a buck. I don’t remember such a mismatch in Stanley Cup Finals. The Capitals were really toying with the Misfits.
    I hope your streak continues forever MK.

  7. Pushkin Pushkin says:

    Iskrennie pozdravlenia Kepitals. Osobennie pozdravlenia nashim, Ovechkinu Alekseyu I kuznetsovu.
    Congratulations to the Caps and all the hockey fans around the world.
    Thanks and respect to MK

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