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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 4: WASH Capitals – VGS Golden Knights

Date: 2018-06-04
Day: Monday
Home Team: WASH Capitals WASH Capitals
Away Team: VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
Pick: Over 5.5 Goals
Units: 5
Odds: 105
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1025
Profit: 525

We are 12-1 in last 13 and 9-1 in last 10. What does that mean and what does it say about what is going to be? Absolutely nothing. Only positive thing about 9-1 is having made over 8K in the process. Hard cash. Besides that - it is 0-0 we starting with. Do I promise anything? No. Only that I will do my best as always. My commitment and... Yeah. I won't travel to World Cup 2018 in Russia (soccer).

We have game 4 at hand in Washington's Capital One Arena. The local Caps will host the Vegas Golden Knights for game 4 leading the series 2-1. That didn't come easy thou. The Capitals had to reinvent themselves defensively cutting the supply routes for the Knights offense by interfering with the man and the puck separating them already in the neutral zone frustrating them and forcing the to feed the attackers on long and low chance passes to get in.

The Caps were also blocking the shots like crazy and even the goal posts were working overtime for Washington. And then came the stupid goal from the perspective of Holtby without which the game would simply be a shutout.

The visitors will have to figure the Capitals defense. Otherwise they should remember what they did to the Jets in last games blanking them twice in a row en route to 4-1 series comeback after falling 0-1 at home following the first game.

Well, tonight it will be different as the Knights will have to go for it all trying to prevent falling behind 1-3. And that victory they hope to get goes thru offense and scoring.

Another thing is that we didn't see an empty netter for the second straight night. Hard to believe one won't come to help our over at 3-2 to make it 4-2 for either side.

Over 5.5  +105   5 units

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  1. Avatar bitcoingangster says:

    I love it. Another day. Another win MK. You’re truly something else. Like you said – you not going to world cup is a great relief to me -and Im sure to all your followers. When youre put and focused – youre truly unmatched. Thanks you for this win Sir!

  2. Avatar Kuvalda says:

    I stopped counting… (not really. No).
    It’s not even fun. The wins are too easy. I hate fun and like easy MK. What a ride!

  3. Avatar MK says:

    yeah. Was easy win. 6-2. Total of 8 goals!

  4. Avatar King Scorpio says:

    I don’t remember such an easy playoff series to bet on. It’s so obvious the Caps won’t release their grip till they land the trophy

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