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NHL Stanley Cup Final Game Two: WASH Capitals – VGS Golden Knights

Date: 2018-06-02
Day: Saturday
Home Team: WASH Capitals WASH Capitals
Away Team: VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
Pick: Home ML
Units: 10
Odds: -130
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 1300
Return: 2300
Profit: 1000

Our run continues. We are 9-1 and +$7,625.00 since 28th of May when I got back from my trip to Kyiv. Those are good numbers and I will do my best to continue to even better them. Today we have another 10 unit play on NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 3.

If you saw both games you know that the Capitals are much more physical and these series are real Hockey

Ovechkin and his teammates more than made up for Kuznetsov's absence and dominated the Knights throughout the whole game although the Knights were first to score and to take the lead in the first period before Washington tying it up.

In today's game I see few angles in Washington's favor:

  1. Fleury myth is over and Holtby proved well why the Capitals are in the finals
  2. The scoring capacity, that of the Capitals is better than that of Vegas.
  3. This is the time the stats have to balance and the Capitals start winning at home in front of their fans.

Capitals win this one without a doubt.

WASH Capitals ML  -130  10 units

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  1. Avatar Bobby78 says:

    Great game. Great tip. Unbelievable run. Thought you burnt out after that trip to Ukraine. I was obviously wrong. I apologize for doubting you MK. Thanks and GL

  2. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    Keep killing the books ma man! Love the casual way you go around your streaks! BOL today with the NBA. Will be waiting!

  3. Avatar dart says:


  4. Avatar oiltankdriver says:

    Great job MK. You’re unbelievable Sir. No more trips to Ukraine please. When you focused there is no beating you!

  5. Avatar Bageltony says:

    Bageltony here.
    Mister. You are my savior. Thank you!

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