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NHL Saturday: WIN Jets – EDM Oilers

Date: 2021-04-17
Day: Saturday
Home Team: WIN Jets WIN Jets
Away Team: EDM Oilers EDM Oilers
Pick: Under 6
Units: 5
Odds: 100
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1000
Profit: 500

Under 6    +100   5 units

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  1. Avatar Dorothy Lindquist says:

    Hockey. My favorite sport. MK – you’re my favorite overall 🙂

    • Avatar michael zait says:

      Yeah. MK’s numbers are hard to argue. Especially when it comes to NHL. 12 game winning streak. 6 out of them for 10 units. Over 100 units (for me it is 10K as I follow the Money Management System precisely as instructed) profits.
      MK. Thanks for delivering!

  2. Avatar jankobrooklyn says:

    Speechless. The onslaught of the books continues. Well done Sir!!!

  3. Avatar Ali Aliev says:

    EmKey, Vi phenomenalni!

  4. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    I love your assertive nature of the picks MK, Sir!

  5. Avatar bitcoingangster says:

    Was not even close. 3-0 Oilers. Great UNDER!!!
    Mk, you’re the greatest!

  6. Avatar MK says:

    Thank you all.
    Interesting observation: we have from time to time losing picks as well, but – contrary to winning ones – I see no comments on those picks. Just saying.
    I’d like to see some constructive criticism as well and not only compliments after winnings.
    But, thanks for your kind words!!! Let’s keep winning!

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