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NHL Playoffs: VGS Golden Knights – WASH Capitals

Date: 2018-05-30
Day: Wednesday
Home Team: VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
Away Team: WASH Capitals WASH Capitals
Pick: Away ML
Units: 10
Odds: 125
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 1000
Return: 2250
Profit: 1250

Our only pick tonight will focus on game 2 of Stanley Cup Finals with Vegas Golden Knights playing hosts to Washington Capitals at T-Mobile Center after winning the first one in a wild game 6-4. We have a 10 unit play here and you are welcome to enjoy it and profiting with it as well.

We cashed nicely on the first game taking the Knights Puck Line. Tonight, however - it is going to be a different story.

WASH Capitals ML  +125  10 units

3 Responses so far.

  1. Avatar Bobby78 says:

    You should’ve stayed home instead of dragging yourself to Ukraine to see that final in soccer. Since you’re back you only lost one and won like 10 or something. I remember same thing year or so ago. Those travels do you no good and do us no good.
    Otherwise, great job MK

    • Avatar MK says:

      Look pal. We make so much money over here it is ridiculous to complain about losing few games. I am travelling on my expenses and the picks are still posted daily. You want to criticize my picks and tell me what you suggest in a civil way? Fine. Go ahead. But, thinking that you own piece of real estate in my life – you better think twice saying that

  2. Avatar bitcoingangster says:

    I don’t think bobby78 meant any disrespect MK. I also don’t think he actually interfered your private life in any way. I don’t think you should bully him the way you do. Opposite, you should embrace his constructive criticism ending in a positive note.
    Thanks for the winners.

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