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NHL Playoffs: PIT Penguins – WASH Capitals

Date: 2018-05-01
Day: Tuesday
Home Team: PIT Penguins PIT Penguins
Away Team: WASH Capitals WASH Capitals
Pick: Away ML
Units: 5
Odds: 115
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1075
Profit: 575

After masterfully tying the series at one in Washington, the teams move for the next two games of the series to be played in Pittsburgh. The two time defending champions stole the home advantage from the Capitals and will try to go ahead in the series tonight.

The Pens and the Caps always stretch the series and present us with the real thrillers. In the second game of the series we saw the kind of domination by the Caps never displayed against Pens. Will that domination continue today and the Caps will walk away with a win? Or, will the pens regain their form and "avenge" the second game misfit calls by the refs? Those teams know each other so well, there are very small spaces left for surprises.

Thew stuff that went in game two made people to forget game one. What stuff? The Caps goal the pens thought should have been disallowed, their own goal disallowed the Pens thought and we saw too was a goal, and the Dumoulin hit affair. And, what we forgot about the game one? Well, the Caps were leading 2-0 early in the third before suddenly stopping to "skate" till the Pens took the lead and ran away with it. So, I do not believe now as I didn't believe before that we are really at the playoff games as of yet. The teams will make sure the series are tied at 2-2 and then play the real best of three playoffs. You don't like what I say - well, look at the history.

BTW< the Caps are 102 in the first periods so far this postseason and the teams went two consecutive unders in the first two games despite the lines being lifted to 6 from 5.5 on both occasions.

Malkin may be finally be available tonight. The odds are changing against the Pens.

WASH Capitals ML  +115  5 units


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