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NFL Sunday: CIN Bengals – PIT Steelers Totals

Date: 2018-10-14
Day: Sunday
Home Team: CIN Bengals CIN Bengals
Away Team: PIT Steelers PIT Steelers
Pick: Under 49.5
Units: 5
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 550
Return: 1050
Profit: 500

Third pick for an early slot

Under 49.5 -110  5 units

7 Responses so far.

  1. Avatar MK says:

    49 points were scored and the half point assassin worked for us in this game. 3-0 NFL so far before I’ll post the Sunday Night Football pick on Chiefs/Patriots super interesting clash.

  2. Avatar Dartagnan says:

    The master at his best! Thank you MK Sir!

  3. Avatar tony german says:

    What a run!

  4. Pushkin Pushkin says:

    Thanks MK. You’re the greatest handicapper out there. For sure

  5. Avatar jankobrooklyn says:

    Let’s refocus and continue as we are 0:0??? So what, we won 9 in a row, destroyed both – the NFL and the College Football and won all three picks today. So freakin what?

    • Pushkin Pushkin says:

      Can’t decide what you are – an idiot or just a moron? So what? 9 wins in a row so what?

  6. Avatar Kazhnushki says:

    Calm down guys. Those here who enjoy MK’s services for years know very well that all he needs now is a quiet atmosphere so he can continue deliver and once he will start reading the nonsense you write – you both gonna get it. So, calm down and act maturely. We’re here to make money – not to compete with each other who will express their feelings better.

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