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NFL Monday Night Football 2: GB Packers- ATL Falcons

Date: 2020-10-05
Day: Monday
Home Team: GB Packers GB Packers
Away Team: ATL Falcons ATL Falcons
Pick: Home -5.5
Units: 5
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 550
Return: 1050
Profit: 500

By looking at the numbers of those two teams and their ATS and O/U records comparative to the lines set and covered - it is begging us to take over. Both are 3-0 in Over/Under, 5 of 6 games those teams played collectively there resulted in more points than the line set for today - 56.5 and the one that didn't pass that benchmark ended in 56.

When we look at ATS covers - we get the interesting picture: although this season the packers are 3-0 and the Falcons 1-2 (could easily be 3-0 holding to those fourth quarter leads by two TD's in their recent two games) is that both teams are "supposed" to cover statistically going back 5 to 8 games in similar situations.

So, can we trust the Packers to cover the line as low as -5.5 points which seems very inviting? or should we note that if not fourth quarter collapses - our perspective towards the Falcons would be slightly different than now? And, what about the totals? if not those collapses - the Falcons would be 1-2 and not 3-0 O/U.

So, are we gonna a trust IFs or go with what we have?

This season is a very strange one and no preseason favors us the bettors.

GB Packers -5.5  -110  5 units

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