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NCAAFB Saturday: Oklahoma – Texas Totals

Date: 2018-12-01
Day: Saturday
Home Team: Oklahoma Oklahoma
Away Team: Texas Texas
Pick: Under 77.5
Units: 5
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 550
Return: 1050
Profit: 500

Ehrilnger versus Murray. Supposedly lots of hate and rivalry. I do not believe there is a bad bone there, but, will buy the story for this instance. But, what the story is about?

If I was an NCAAFB schedule planner, or a league script writer - I would love to have the story where Murray is coming to avenge the loss to Ehrilger who also had nerve to come up after the game he won and put some salt on the wounds by "complimenting" Murray. So, now, the favorite Sooners are also motivated Sooners and the game that was "supposed" to and actually was handicapped by the odds makers as a 4.5 or 5 point spread game in the Sooners favor (37-32 with overblown totals because of what both teams are able to deliver and score including against each other) - is now at 9 point spread telling us that this game will run to 43-34 contest.

Much to think about while the QB's and their teammates are in full control of our money and will decide which way to go and please Vegas at the same time.

Well, more than century K's and over 90% of money couldn't move the line up even a bit. Must be an under.

Under 77.5  -110  5 units

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