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NBA Playoffs Saturday: NO Pelicans – POR Trail Blazers

Date: 2018-04-21
Day: Saturday
Home Team: NO Pelicans NO Pelicans
Away Team: POR Trail Blazers POR Trail Blazers
Pick: Home -7
Units: 3
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 330
Return: 630
Profit: 300

If the Pelicans can sweep the Trail Blazers and advance - the Warriors will be waiting there. Not really a motivating factor in my opinion. Anthony Davis alone won't be enough to handle the Dubs. So, from the Pelicans perspective - today is the easiest game they will ever have this postseason. Now, will they able to overcome that feeling of the storm getting near or they will succumb to the general feeling that this game is it. After this game - the booth camp with no happy ending. Now, with all that said here - we are not only asking a legit question whether they can or can not win the game. No. We want to know if they can cover the 7 point spread.

Knowing that the Dubs will only play tomorrow - the Pelicans would sure like to end these series and hope the Spurs playing at home would be able to take at least one from the reigning NBA Champions.

So, covering the 7 points at home against the Trail Blazers is not that easy. But, it is definitely a coverable  margin. Davis and the Pelicans wouldn't want to carry these series over if everyone is interested in seeing a little break in a grueling schedule of events the team had to endure. Are the Pelicans able to beat and cover the 7 point spread?

Yes. Because they are in the right set of mind and understand how.

NO Pelicans -7  -110   5 units

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