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NBA Playoffs: PHI 76ers – BOS Celtics

Date: 2018-05-05
Day: Saturday
Home Team: PHI 76ers PHI 76ers
Away Team: BOS Celtics BOS Celtics
Pick: Away +9.5
Units: 3
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 330
Return: 630
Profit: 300

We won another two picks last night and are killing it for a while now.  We will do our absolute best to continue and do more of the same. Sixers and Celtics will square off at Wells Fargo Center this early evening.

The Sixers must feel overly confident allowing the Celtics such comebacks as in the last game. The other day me and few other handicappers were discussing the playoffs over the Black Jack table in AC and we all agreed - the bettors are becoming bigger in numbers and dumber in understanding what they seeing and reacting on it. The books and Vegas are adjusting themselves accordingly. Back in a day, such comeback as the Celtics in game 2 of the series would be a subject of talk shows on TV. Today, the half the Garden aren't even the basketball fans but some people who like to buy the T-Shirts and dance during the commercial breaks coming after hard preparation at home in case the camera will caught them momentarily. They do not care if their team will win or lose because they do not have their team. Twilight Fans we call them .

So, they did not exactly care or even notice "their" team just came back from a 22 points deficit and beat the future lings of the jungle. No, because they didn't even know such comebacks are in fact impossible in professional sports unless scripted.

What will be the side Vegas will be on today?

Well, we haven't seen a team making a comeback from 0-3 deficit in the playoffs in the NBA yet. Did we?

Why not this series then?

BOS Celtics +9.5  -110   3 units

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