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NBA Playoffs: GS Warriors – HOU Rockets

Date: 2018-05-20
Day: Sunday
Home Team: GS Warriors GS Warriors
Away Team: HOU Rockets HOU Rockets
Pick: Away +7.5
Units: 5
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Loss
Invested: 550
Return: 0
Profit: -550

The Rockets have been preparing for each and every minute of this series since the beginning of their training camp before the preseason even began. Mike D'Antoni chose carefully the players and coordinated hos choices with Harden. There is not a player on the Rockets roster Harden has not approved of. Even Chris Paul and Capela were Harden's favorites to play with. But, the other criteria for the player even to be considered to be on the Rockets roster - was the way they matched up against the Warriors. So, season plus long preparation comes to a fruition in this highly tense ecosystem with some warning signs all over: those are the Dubs you have to beat. And not once! 4 times!!! Can the Rockets - or any other team in the world - do it? I don't know. But, we have to remember that we are not asked if the Rockets will beat the Dubs 4 out of 7 games here, but, if the Rockets will cover the +7.5 line away from home?

The answer lays withing the question itself: if the patterns -  established so far -  will hold, the Warriors will cover. if Vegas - and Vegas does know - knows the betting money will follow those patterns - the opposite will happen and the patterns developed thru last 10 game period, will fall like a house of cards.

The pattern is that each time the Rockets win and cover (obviously) - the next game the Dubs come in with fury and win and cover as well.

But, Vegas is familiar with that pattern and so are the refs and the league. Therefore - I wouldn't go as far as the risking 5 units on the Dubs covering the line despite the line on the first half being a -5.

HOU Rockets +7.5  -110   5 units

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