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NBA Playoffs: CLE Cavaliers – BOS Celtics First Half

Date: 2018-05-19
Day: Saturday
Home Team: CLE Cavaliers CLE Cavaliers
Away Team: BOS Celtics BOS Celtics
Pick: Home -5.5 First Half
Units: 10
Odds: -110
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 1100
Return: 2100
Profit: 1000

This is game 3 of the series. The Celtics hold a commanding 2-0 lead. Will the series get even in Cleveland? Will the Celtics prove basketball is not an individual but a team game?

There are very few strong trends that are not only statistical, but psychological. The trend that says the teams down 0-2 in the series after losing the first two games away from home - will cover the first half of game 3 at home with 85% probability - has a psychological root as well as a statistical one.

CLE Cavaliers -5.5 First Half  10 units

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  1. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    Hope this one hits like the previous 10 unit play. GL MK

  2. Avatar vegas vegaskiller says:

    This one is going to hit big time! 21 points Cavs up with less than a minute left in the half. What a day!

  3. Pushkin Pushkin says:

    You truly are unbelievable Sir! You rock!

  4. Avatar MK says:

    61-41 Cavaliers first half. A win. Enjoy. Fantastic things happen since the Supreme Court ruling!

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