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NBA Monday: NY Knicks – PHO Suns

Date: 2021-04-26
Day: Monday
Home Team: NY Knicks NY Knicks
Away Team: PHO Suns PHO Suns
Pick: Home +3
Units: 5
Odds: -115
W/L/P: Loss
Invested: 575
Return: 0
Profit: -575

I do not remember the Knicks playing this hard ever. Not even with Ewing. I also have a hard time remembering the Suns this good and hard since Barkley times.

The Knicks will encounter unusually productive 3 point machine. But, will manage to cover.

NY Knicks +3  -110   5 units

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  1. Avatar MK says:

    Chris Paul killed us tonight. His last 7 points were exactly what separated us from winning this one. Well, 0-2 tonight while most of the night I was convinced we were on our way to 2-0. Ok. Moving on

  2. Avatar michael zait says:

    MK. Thanks for all you do. Sometimes it has to be said on a losing night as well. What you have delivered in recent months is above any expectations. So, we can live thru nights like this one

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