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MLB Tuesday: MIN Twins – KC Royals

Date: 2018-07-10
Day: Tuesday
Home Team: MIN Twins MIN Twins
Away Team: KC Royals KC Royals
Pick: Under 10
Units: 5
Odds: -106
W/L/P: Loss
Invested: 530
Return: 0
Profit: -530

The Royals are on a 10 game losing streak. That's a lot for a professional team. But, our pick is on totals.

The only chance the Royals stand if they don't want to be embarrassed tonight is an under. Sleger will take the mound for the twins while pathetic Kennedy will pitch on the Royals behalf. Whole saga is going on here about who was not chosen for an All Star game and that will take some attention away from that particular batter who I do not want to respect by naming him. What kind of a nonsense are those. Not happy because you were not chosen? You have a valid argument? It is like a woman asking a man or man asking a woman why she or he did not marry him or her because they have a valid argument. You can't have a valid argument being a part of the team tnat loses 10 games in a row. You better worry about your team and your disappointed fans many of whom happen to be kids, rather than your own ego for the All Star BS game. After complaining about himself not being chosen he even bitches about his teammate who "is not having the best year" being chosen for an All Star game. If I was the Royals owner - that dude would be back home and never play baseball again.

Under 10  -106  5 units

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