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MLB Tuesday: LA Angels – CHI White Sox

Date: 2018-07-24
Day: Tuesday
Home Team: LA Angels LA Angels
Away Team: CHI White Sox CHI White Sox
Pick: Under 8.5
Units: 5
Odds: -115
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 575
Return: 1075
Profit: 500

It seems like the Halos are doing everything they can to lose games. As simple as that. Otherwise - their dismal performances with such budget is hard to explain. The disregard for Halo supporters and an absolute managing ignorance has driven this fine club into the position they bag for mercy against such lowly White Sox. I know I am insulting two teams here - but those two teams have lost any self respect and forgot what it looks like when you play for the club and your fans. The kids who want to grow on the Halos legacy can only learn what lazy good for nothing lowly crooks driving Porsches look like.

The Angels are the most disrespectful to their own legacy and that is sad. What about the White Sox? When was the last time their fans felt they have a team they can really follow? Why MLB keeps those good for nothing teams escapes my understanding. Not really. Money and stupidity of an average (unfortunately) baseball fan is what is driving the shameless people heading today's baseball.

So, this disgusting Halos team  will face the other good for nothings from Chicago.

Last night they made us money on Under 🙂

Why not tonight?

Under 8.5  -115  5 units

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