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MLB Saturday: SEA Mariners – TOR Blue Jays

Date: 2018-08-04
Day: Saturday
Home Team: SEA Mariners SEA Mariners
Away Team: TOR Blue Jays TOR Blue Jays
Pick: Away +1.5
Units: 5
Odds: 100
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 1000
Profit: 500

The whole world is expecting the Mariners start winning and the clueless and goalless Blue Jays just to roll over and let the Mariners have their way.

I don't think so.

TOR Blue Jays +1.5  +100

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  1. Avatar vichy2018 says:

    Third and already 2-0 Blue Jays. It is scary how good you can be and are most of the time. I also subscribe to an opinion that you can win at your will and are only losing to make it look realistic. Because your streaks that are happening in front of my eyes are simply fantastic. Thank you for this great experience and the chance to witness the magic

    • Avatar vichy2018 says:

      Fantastic win. Thanks

    • Avatar MK says:

      That’s funny. It is not the first time I hear that kind of a claim that I can win whenever I want and I’m losing because I have to… Why I have to? Nobody explains. I even had a member here recently who asked me to send him only the winners and warn him when I’m posting the losers. My answer was to look at the record and understand that by following my each and every pick he would easily profit.
      We are going to get even better as the MLB season will near it’s conclusion and NFL and College Football along with NBA and European Soccer will become part of our Menu.

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