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Mixed Sports Special Bet: Parlay Treble

Date: 2012-04-03
Day: Tuesday
Home Team: Baylor + Barcelona + Chelsea
Away Team: Notre Dame + AC Milan +
Pick: Home ML + Home to Qualify + Home to Qualify
Units: 1
Odds: -127
W/L/P: Win
Invested: 127
Return: 227
Profit: 100

Baylor ML (WNCAAB) (+) Barcelona to Qualify (ECL Soccer) (+) Chelsea to Qualify (ECL Soccer) = -127

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  1. Avatar capstar says:

    Awesome start of the month MK. Now for this parlay, did you take barca and chelsea ml? Keep up the winning. 

  2. Avatar MK says:

    No, I took them to qualify for the next round.  Thanks capstar  and BOL

  3. Avatar Kenny Kwan says:

    Not sure about the result of the two soccer plays but Baylor is a winner.

  4. Avatar MK says:

    Barcelona qualified Kenny and Baylor Won – so we have 2 wins already. Tomorrow Chelsea is playing at the Stamford Bridge against Benfica a second leg after defeating the Portugese in Lisbon 1-0. Even if the game will end in a draw (and that's unlikely because Chelsea players who were not happy with the previous coach, chased him out with loses and brought in ex Chelsea Icon under whom they won all but one game and are definitely a better side than Benfica, especially in London) Chelsea qualifies, so most of it is in the hat. BOL

  5. Avatar Kenny Kwan says:

    I parlayed Baylor with Buffalo Sabres ML,   I thought Buffalo was a goner after being down 3-0 in the first period, but they rallied back against the lowly Leafs and won 6-5 in OT.

  6. Avatar MK says:

    Congrats Kenny. Nice improvisation  🙂

  7. Avatar Kenny Kwan says:

    It's thanks to you Mk, I didn't even realize that Baylor was playing tonight,  woman's basketball doesn't get a whole lot of coverage, I remember you playing Baylor the other day and they won handily, truth be told, I know nothing about woman's basketball.

  8. Avatar tigowoods says:

    i parlayed 3 nba teams instead and won.  I cannot parlay these bets as they would not let me parlay womens b ball with anything on the ML.  also the qualify for chelsea was not out.  Shitty book.  IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO GET ON BET365?  Anybody?

  9. Avatar MK says:

    Congrats Tigo

  10. Avatar ICallHimGamblor says:

    Had Baylor and Barca all over the board today.  Easy money spends just as good.

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