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European Under 19 Soccer Championship Final: Italy U19 – Portugal U19

Date: 2018-07-29
Day: Sunday
Home Team: Italy U19
Away Team: Portugal U19
Pick: Draw First Half
Units: 5
Odds: 120
W/L/P: Loss
Invested: 500
Return: 0
Profit: -500

I avoided picking games in this championship as the young players tend to be more emotional than when they get older and therefore so many games in this tournament have ended in decisive win/losses. The team that goes ahead rarely loses.

We saw the French win two games by 5-0 each after losing a head against Ukraine U19 in the opening natch and surrendering 1-2. But, then, in the semis they couldn't score against Italy U19 hitting the crossbar twice and eventually surrendered to the Italians who are resembling old Italian teams who would score a goal and kill the game.

The Potuguese began this tournament Ok, then lost to vigil Italians and won again. But, in the semis they erased Ukraine U19 after only 31 minutes leading 5-0.

Do that guarantee that the Portuguese, who have already surrendered to the Italians once in this tournament - will surrender again? Not sure. But the first half will end in a draw. Because, Italy U19 will make sure not to commit themselves too much and not to encounter the same faith the Ukrainians did. And, Portugal U19 will make sure they do not spend all their resources in the first half taking into a consideration those are Italians they play against and there is a serious chance the game will reach extra time, and may be even the penalties.

Draw First Half +120  5 units


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  1. Avatar Kazhnushki says:

    It was alright the whole half -45 minutes and then in added time the strange goal rolled under the goalie. Such a shame of a loss. Still great pick MK

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