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Euroleague Basketball: Maccabi Tel Aviv – Valencia

Home Team: Maccabi Tel Aviv Maccabi Tel Aviv
Away Team: Valencia Valencia
Pick:Home -5.5

Euroleague is the European equivalent of the NBA. Sort of. Actually, the structure is very different and so are the rules and the fans. But, when I call it equivalent - I mean - the strongest European teams are playing in a Euroleague. It is a very profitable venue as long as you know what you're doing and since most teams are led by the american players - it is not as difficult to mix the traditions with the performers and get the job done with high rate of success. Let's hope so.

Maccabi is one of the most decorated teams in Europe and is always a dangerous team at home. The other traditional strongholds are Olympiakos and Panathinaikos from Greece, Real Madrid and Barcelona from Spain, and lately - the top teams were joined by Turkish Fenerbahce. Valencia is not really a top team and has a little chance to lose by less than double digits in Tel Aviv, one of the toughest venues to win at.

Maccabi Tel Aviv -5.5  -110   5 units

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  1. Avatar Agnes says:

    When I wrote u that its a bad idea to expand – u ignored me. I hate to tell u I told u so, but I told u so. I told u the minute u will expand u will be handicapped by Vegas again. Look what is happening. The games we were usually winning r running away from us in the last minutes. Like this one.
    I watched it on bet365. Macabi was up 9 within a minute to go. And then they turned the ball over twice till Valencia was not able to cover.
    U r being handicapped. Do u remember ur own reasoning for closing the site? Do u remember why u wanted to fly under the radar? How is adding another 250 (I’m sure u won’t stop at that number either) making the things better?

  2. Avatar MK says:

    Very annoying ending. I agree. Regarding the other stuff you wrote – are you serious?

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