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About Us

Who Are We?

LiveGamesTips was established back in 2007 by Michael Bini (MK) also known as mkbini at the various public sports handicapping websites as the instrument to let the wide public enjoy his Super Bowl and other major sporting events predictions. It took few years till the LiveGamesTips began publishing the predictions on daily bases and became everyday meeting and the hangout place for the sports buffs and the professional handicappers who enjoyed each other's virtual company and exchanged valuable information regarding the upcoming sporting events. At the same time, MK was active on the forums at the public sites and his unmatched success "didn't go unnoticed". Subsequently, he was soon banned from most "public" sites that - as it appeared - were actually servicing and working for the online books who took heavy losses as the result of MK's bold predictions wagered by him and the thousands of his followers. Since, LiveGamesTips has become the only place you can find MK's sports handicapping tips. At times the site was attacked by various hacking groups trying to prevent him publishing his picks and as the result, MK turned his site for "Private Clients Only" limiting his impact on overall sports markets. LiveGamesTips was closed for the general public several times and then again opening it's gates filtering malicious elements trying to shut down 21st century's most effective prediction machine that that spread it's predictions well beyond the sports world. Then again the site became private members only following MK's motto not to have as many following as to influence the lines by heavy wagering on his predictions. Currently - LiveGamesTips is open for General Public and offers paid services to all. Yet, LiveGameesTips employs thorough selection policy to prevent negative elements infiltrating and compromising the sites integrity. Please note that we at LiveGamesTips employ a Single Streak policy and anyone who will be suspected and proven to be trolling or not being on site in good faith - will be banned immediately for life from enjoying our services. We strongly follow the policy of the limitation on the members number and we do not promise or are not obligated to accept any applicant to be a member of the LiveGamesTips.

On another note - we have proven handicapping and financial growth strategies we urge you to follow closely.

Steady Capital Growth

LiveGamesTips Capital Growth strategy is based on Compounded Growth, but, instead of traditional 0.06% annual interest offered by global financial markets – we double the investment at least 8 times a year – that’s 100% interest every 6 weeks which creates a 100K% growth of capital in 16 doubling cycles – which is 2 years.

In simple words – $1000 turn in 1,000,000$ in just 2 years.

Yes. You read it right.

Following our complimentary money management system you too can reach your financial goals easily like hundreds of members doing it for some time now.


Steady Growth of monthly income

LiveGamesTips is equipped with unique money management system which actually forces you to withdraw half your winnings at the end of each doubling cycle.

Another half of your winnings and the previous bankroll create a new bankroll – each time one and a half times bigger than the previous one.


Investment Tips finding you instantly wherever you are

You will get the notifications through text messages to your mobile and email notifications directly to your inbox, so you won’t have to spend precious time in front of your PC constantly refreshing it to see if there was a new pick posted.

The service is free of charge for all the LiveGamesTips members with one of the access plans.


A Unique business model based on your success only

Our business model is a simple and easy to understand.

It is based on successful and winning picks which make money for you and make money for us thru your monthly membership fees. It is understood that the only way to keep you as our highly respected paying members is winning for you month after a month.

Unlike any other so called “experts” – we are not affiliated with no books and we do not refer to any books. We do not ask you where you bet and we don’t care.

Why? Because, unlike all the rest of the industry, we are not basing our business model on you losing and us sharing the revenues with the books on your losses. We are smarter than that and know we can deliver the winners and you will have no reason to leave. We’re that good!